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Stand up against (h)8

Though November 4th 2008 was a massive step forward for African Americans, the  American people, and the world,  it was also a considerable step backwards for the gay and lesbian communities and movements.   On the day that Barack Obama was elected, a piece of legislature managed to slip by effectively ending legal gay marriage in California.  A new obstacle, Prop 8, had risen on the horizon, and Eddie, his team and myself picked up our brushes, wheatpaste, cameras and posters and hit the streets again.. No rest for the weary I suppose.

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The 2008 Presidential Election

Eddie Colla and I first met back during the 2008 Presidential Election. At the time I was running an Obama art blog and Eddie was at the forefront of political Bay Area bombing. He had hit the wall previously with his Olympic games image (seen on the left) and we decided to revisit the spot to put up an Obama piece. In the year leading up to Election Day, Eddie plastered hundreds of Obama images throughout San Francisco and Oakland, during that time we made many pilgrimages to Linden Alley. It’s ideal location, high traffic and visibility made it one of our top destinations.

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